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Jun 12 2014

SiteWyze.com – The Importance Of Website Design

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People visit websites practically every day, to the point that it’s not uncommon for someone to have a daily routine of logging in to some website. Websites are pretty much a part of modern culture nowadays. The ubiquitous nature of websites makes web design design that much more important than ever.

Websites, in principle, should be designed to give visitors as much information as they need—in as little clicks as possible. Websites with that particular web design are the most successful at delivering and conveying information to their visitors. It’s no wonder that they’re often top ranking sites on search engine results pages. Websites should be easy to navigate, easy to use and simple enough to read through as soon as you look through the site. A site without those elements is too ineffective at conveying its overall purpose.

Visitors nowadays are prone to leaving a website if they find it too difficult to use. Most web visitors actually stay on a website for less than five minutes. Sometimes, they’re just there for seconds if the design is too ineffective at communicating in many ways. The goal of web designers and site owners should be to design a site anyone can use without the complications of a poor web design.

Websites also need to look good. Although that’s another important aspect of building an effective web design, the look shouldn’t be too detrimental to the actual site design. The look should correlate with the structure of the site, working with it instead of against it. Some of the best website designs make visitors visit a site over and over again.

Besides site aesthetics, the site’s organization is important. If visitors can’t find what they’re looking for on a site, they’re going to look for another site instead. The organization of a site determines where all of the site elements reside, including the site content, navigation and any other site assets. Adding in a visual spark, such as video content or photo galleries, add another interesting aspect to websites, usually having the effect of keeping visitors around.

Together, the aforementioned site elements produce a website that visitors like visiting when they can. When it comes to web design from http://sitewyze.com, ensuring that visitors keep coming back is probably the most important part.


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